Butter makes Everything Better

Or is that bacon? Or is it both.  Such a tough choice.  Here is a tutorial on how to make your own homemade cultured butter and buttermilk.



In order for your butter to turn out cultured you have to start with fresh raw cream.  However, if you don’t have that then it’s ok to use pasturized butter.  Just don’t use ultrapasturized.



  • 2 c. fresh raw cream
  • That’s it there is no other ingredients ; )
  1. If using raw cream you’ll need to let it sit out on the counter for 1 or more days.  You want it to curdle a bit and become sour.  Don’t worry about it going bad.  If it’s raw it won’t.  There are tons of good enzymes and bacteria that protect the cream from going bad.
  2. If using pastured cream start with this step.  Once the cream it thick (this is sour cream by the way) place in a food processor and turn on high.  You’ll blend past the whip cream stage until it separates from the liquid.




3. The cream will become butter and buttermilk.  Once this happens you’ll need to strain into a bowl.  Then wash the butter with filtered water and place back into the food processor.  Process a few more minutes and strain again.  Now you will have your own homemade butter!

4. Enjoy!



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