And so it Begins

I can’t believe it but I’m four days in. Well maybe I can but it’s going by much faster than I expected. Hopefully that’s a little encouraging to anyone who is considering this path. Its really is fast! Here are some thoughts about life up to this point. Well maybe not life but you know… : )


Its really true what they say. Prepare, prepare, prepare! Find your sources of organic and free range food, learn how to make broth, learn to make lots of fermented veggies etc… before you actually dive in.

I think my saving grace in all of this has been purchasing an inexpensive GAPS Into meal plan. This saves me from eating the same things every day. It’s tough enough trying to stick with it let alone not get sick of the same foods you eat almost every day. It has made life so much easier!

Good Things!

I have come to love the simplicity of each meal.  They don’t take long to make and are not in any way hard.  This was a surprise to me but a good surprise.

I’ve come to realize how much I take food choice for granted.   For most of my adult life I could buy and eat whatever I wanted and even though this diet is my choice it’s been a real eye opener.  I’ve also come to realize that choice is the reason I’m here to begin with.  So…. yea… It’s led me to a place where I get excited about each new food I get to add back into my diet and appreciate the simple and little things.  Who knows maybe it’ll make me a better cook ; )


The tough part for me is not being able to eat my normal ‘comfort foods’.  I do miss cheese a whole lot.  And regular bacon.  And milk. And Chocolate.  Oh how I miss Chocolate.  I do not, however, have a desire to cheat because I know the great benefits and the end goals I’m trying to reach (which I’ll share in another post). I’m eating combinations of foods that I never have before and that first day of not being able to eat whatever I wanted was rough.  It’s getting better though.

The other challenge I have is a feeling of being satiated.  I just can’t eat enough to feel satisfied or completely full.  I know this will change and I think its just a part of the adjustment process.  But I’m learning what I can do differently like eating more fat or adjusting portions of certain things.  I think my sanity in all of this is knowing this is not forever.  Someday will be able to eat homemade mac and cheese.  And large glasses of  milk, and smoothies, and Chocolate.  Oh Chocolate how I love thee.

The third day was the hardest and I wanted to badly to quite.  But I didn’t.  So, I will keep pressing on looking to what lies ahead and praying for perseverance.


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